The Game Has Changed

“Push and Shout” is Over…and Boring

Marketers are constantly screaming their messages, everywhere you can imagine. It might still work in B2C, but “Push” and “Shout” are dead in B2B.

Business owners and decision makers are smart. There is a very high probability that they are already familiar with your product or service. And it’s highly likely – because there are so many other choices – they perceive your product or service as a commodity. So how do you compete for their attention and consideration? How do you sell to someone who knows you, but is not a customer?

PULL! Four Key Rules of Value-Based B2B Content Marketing

Clearly, you can’t compete on price alone – to say nothing of margins if you acquire a customer¬ – so you need to add relevant value in the right context at the right time. So what adds value?

  1. Relevancy rules. Highly relevant content that meets the needs of your business audience increases the likelihood of engagement.
  2. Context is critical. Delivery of valuable content in the right context increases the chance that your brand will be top-of-mind in buyer consideration.
  3. Timing is everything. Delivering content when your audience wants to consume it drives deeper engagement.
  4. Consumption preference is key. Leveraging your content across multiple mediums and channels serves your audience the way they want to be served.
Relevancy + Context + Timing + Preference = 10X Engagement

Passion for serving your audience by following these rules; laying a solid foundation for how you define Content Marketing; and relentlessly focusing on developing Profitable Sales Relationships will deliver quantifiable improvement in customer acquisition, retention, and lifetime value metrics.